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Author: Firebrand

A Generous Gift

A very generous gift to ‘The Firebrand Collection’ has added a unique dimension to the history of hunting, and  in Yorkshire in particular. In the mid-to-late 1700s, one Josiah Dyson

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Mount Up!

Predominantly, but not exclusively, used as dress buttons on evening tails, mounted buttons are some of the more spectacular examples of hunt buttons. (N.B.  Here I talk of the UK

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The Worms Head (Otter) Hunt

Recently offered for sale by Christie’s of London was this fabulous, cased set of Georgian silver buttons.  They were previously the property of Gloria, the late Dowager Countess Bathurst. Although

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Lord Chesham’s Hunt.

I’ve been keeping myself occupied by rootling through boxes of ‘odds & sods’ that I have accumulated over the years and, whilst mainly finding old military and costume buttons, I

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Mr Riddle’s Hounds (USA)

Here are some lovely 19th century hunt buttons from the USA.  A full ‘dress’ set of Mr Riddle’s. According to ‘Great Breeders and Their Methods‘, Samuel Riddle’s hounds descended from

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W.H or What Have We Here?

Can anyone identify these brass and white enamel buttons for us?  I’ve seen only two other examples of hunt buttons where the lettering is in-filled with coloured enamel.   I’m clutching

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Can You Dig It?

I have a particular fondness for buttons that have been recovered from muddy fields, river banks and hedges.  My romantic vision of them having ‘pinged’ off during a particularly lively

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An Irish mystery..

Can anyone help identify this button? It carries a Foley & Croker, Dublin backmark (see image) which suggests (although ’tis not certain) that it’s an Irish button.  It’s very similar

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