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Countryside Alliance e Lobby

If Labour are serious about wanting to be trusted in government again then making the same divisive mistakes as they did when they were last in power, won’t do.

Mr Reed, the Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, recently announced during an interview with The Times that Labour intends implement a full ban on trail hunting and drag hunting in the first term of a Labour government. Both he and his policy makers need reminding that good ‘government’ is inclusive and a policy based solely on a personal and ‘moral ‘ dislike of another has no place in government.

Now is an opportunity for a robust reminder that there are other priorities for government which do not include attacking those living and working in the countryside, the very people Labour need to vote for them. Prioritising this issue just highlights Labour’s disregard for the field sports community and, by extension, anyone else they currently ‘don’t like’.

The Countryside Alliance have produced an e-lobby that will take just a few moments to complete here

so please sign up today.

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