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Festival of Hunting & 136th Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show

Festival of Hunting, incorporating the 136th Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show, on Wednesday 17th July 2024

‘Peterborough’ is the headline Modern and Old English Foxhound show of the summer season, and is held alongside the Festival of Hounds, which also hosts classes for Beagles, Harriers and Basset Hounds. The breadth of hounds competing and on display makes the Festival of Hounds one of the largest shows of working scent hounds anywhere in the world.

Foxhound judges for 2024 have now been confirmed as:
Mr Lambert and Mr Osborne (Doghounds),
Mr Andrews and Mr Gosling (Bitch hounds),
Mr Bryer and Mr Townsend (Old English).

The Stud Book Harriers will be judged by
G. Watchman, Esq., M.F.H. and Mrs. M. K. Perry, M.H.

The Beagle Dog Hounds will be judged by
A.R. Clifton-Brown, Esq., M.F.H. and G.W. Irwin, Esq..
The Beagle Bitch Hounds will be judged by
I.A. Pearse, Esq., M.H. and M.J. Fitton, Esq.

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