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Holywell Hunt Club

One of the more remarkable items in the small hunting collection at the National Folk Museum of Wales is this tiny riding jacket worn by a lady member of the Holywell Hunt Club.  It dates from around 1790 – 1800 and has a plethora of club buttons.

The Holywell Hunt Club (1767 – 1830) had it’s earliest origins in the old Holywell Hounds, but quickly became a hunt club for the great and the good of Flintshire, Denbighshire and surrounding areas, that provided a set number of days hunting, race meetings, banquets and balls for its members; and it built the Holywell Racecourse.

For many years these buttons were mistakenly thought to be for the Hampshire (HH) until the Museum put us collectors on the right track.  The ribboned border seems to be a recurring theme in hunt buttons from that area.

All images are courtesy of and copyright of St. Fagans National Folk Museum of Wales, for which we extend our thanks.



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