A connoisseur’s collection

I recently visited a good friend in the US – a keen collector of British hunt buttons and the owner of a superb collection of silver sets.

Whilst wishing to remain anonymous he gave me permission to photograph some of the most impressive items.  I’ve chosen to share just three of them

Starting with a magnificent set of hallmarked Mid-Devon. (Behind glass, so not easy to photograph well)


His main interest is 18th century silver hunt and/or sporting buttons, and he has some beautiful named hound buttons from the late 1700’s.

Below are 33mm diameter with matching hallmarks.  The hounds names are:

Apollo, Blackie, Bonnie, Captain, Mars, Midge, Rex, Rover, Sandie and Skip.






Similarly sized and slightly earlier in date are: Drumer (sic) Emper’r (sic) and  Daskwood.


He has a number of other sets of silver buttons, including three with named racehorses that I have not seen examples of before.  A true connoisseur collection.

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