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Subscriptions last for 12 months providing unlimited access to our well ‘Directory’ section which has been the ‘go-to’ hunting resource since 1897 Baily’s continues to be the best and only truly comprehensive listing of packs of hounds of all types from around the world and we achieve this feat by providing daily updates to our content from contented provided by international contributors and as a result we offer subscribers a unique insight into the past, present, and future of hunting with hounds.

In addition to images on the hunt gallery pages captured by some of today’s best regarded photographers of hounds and hunting scenes, we offer subscribers a vintage gallery that features carefully remastered images from our archives dating from about 1890 onwards.
Our ‘Shows and Events section’ provides subscribers with hound show results from around the world starting in about 1835 including both national and individual hunt Puppy Shows.

Subscribers have access to a repository of hundreds of interesting and helpful articles from some great authors, the latest news from hunts worldwide, and hunting verse. Our ‘Did You Know’ – a growing timeline of peculiar, sometimes curious incidents concerning hunting or hound. In addition we have our ‘hound name selector’. To date, this has proved to be a valuable asset for hunts Worldwide when finding ‘just the right name’ for each puppy in a litter. It is updated regularly and currently contains over 5700 names.

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