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A Generous Gift

A very generous gift to ‘The Firebrand Collection’ has added a unique dimension to the history of hunting, and  in Yorkshire in particular.

In the mid-to-late 1700s, one Josiah Dyson Jr formed the Holmfirth Harriers, that hunted the area around there and surrounding towns until 1800, when the pack became the Holmfirth, Honley & Meltham Harriers.

The H.H & M continued right up until 1928, after which the Holme Valley Beagles hunted the area.

Hound Collar
Hound collar detail

This first image shows one of Mr Dyson’s 18th century iron hound collars, and the second shows a close-up of the name plate.  Sadly, no hound’s name included.


Holmfirth Harriers. Button

The large white-metal button is that of the Holmfirth Harriers.  Quite how the lettering works, I’m not sure.  Was Holmfirth sometimes spelled as Holme Firth (like South Wold), or might it be Holmfirth Foot Harriers?


Holmfirth, Honley & Meltham Harriers

The fourth image of the smaller brass button is the Holmfirth, Honley & Meltham Harriers.


It’s a wonderful addition to have a collar from one of Dyson’s harriers, to go with the buttons.”

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