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Blessing of the Hounds

Today we gather in the presence of God, a God who is the source of all

love for this universe and all who live in it. And so because of this

love, we have the courage to call forth His blessings for us and for our


We ask His blessings and protection for all who are involved in these

hunts, whether they are riding to the hounds or helping in other ways.

May Your loving Spirit keep them from harm.

We ask Your blessings for these St. Hubert medals and for those who wear


May they always be a sign of love and concern for others, for earth, for



May God bless these horses. Give them strength to run swiftly and the

ability to manage all obstacles.


Water has always been a symbol of life and rebirth. Through the symbol

of this water, may the hounds grow in strength and wisdom, to always

stay with the pack and to follow the scent of their quarry.


(Source Fort Leavenworth)

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