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Is you is, or is you ain’t?

In amongst a mixed lot of hunt buttons I bought recently were a number of buttons marked as ‘?’ or with suggestions as to what they might be.  Are they hunt buttons at all I ask?  I thought I’d offer them up for anyone to have a go at identifying.



Top left. The Duke of Hamilton’s and/or The Hamilton was been suggested.  Top right.  Lord Wemyss (Wemyss & March) ‘dress’ version perhaps.  There is a less ornate button, also including the reversed W and M that is definitely his hunt button.

Bottom Left.  Appears to be Dr. B H.  Any ideas?   Bottom right. Could be FDH or DFH.


5 – 8:  No idea on any of these.  The top right carries C&M, and Colwall & Mathon has been mooted.


9 – 14:

Top left reads NWF.  Top centre is crossed L’s. Top right reads AC or CA.

Bottom left reads AMF.  Bottom centre reads LMH.  Bottom right reads COMBH and it was suggested that the Combined Officers’ Mess was a possibility.


15.  Any ideas?


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