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Bowler Hat in 100% Wool Felt

100% wool felt traditional Bowler hats complete with a inch black grosgrain ribbon and white satin lining at an incredible price.

Great for formal days in kennels or perhaps when asked to judge hounds.
Available in black or grey.

To find the correct sized hat for you take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of your head, just above the ears, with the tape held fairly closely, but not tight, to the head. Measure your head and then compare the measurement with the table below to find your hat size.
If you cannot find a tape measure, then we suggest using a piece of string or wool to measure around your head and then checking the length using a ruler or other measure.
The sizes are approximate and the bowlers tend to come up on the large size so you may need to use a hat size reducer to get that perfect fit as everyone’s head is unique!

The bowlers come complete in a protective white hat box


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