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A Remarkable and Mysterious Tailcoat: Gogerddan Hunt?

I have just taken ownership of a wonderfully enigmatic tailcoat, and I wonder if anyone out there can help identify it.

Made in the late 1800s, of very soft fabric, it has a couple of most unusual construction details:  The glove pockets are on the outside of the tails, not inside as usual, and there are a total of ten buttons on the front (plus the two at the back).

p1030503  p1030504-2

The big question is ‘Whose pack is this?‘ The button bears the initials GVAH.


In the renowned Firmin pattern book from the late 1800s the button is listed as being ‘Gogerddan Hunt – Dress’, and it was registered as a new die on 5th October 1863.  Can anyone tell me why that would be GVAH?  Considering its proximity to Aberystwyth, perhaps there’s a link there?

The tailcoat is in remarkable condition for its age, with no silk rot, and the buttons are pristine.

It will certainly take a pride of position in the Firebrand collection.

Can anyone help confirm its provenance?


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