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Rose Tree Blue Mountain Hunt Prayer

Gracious God, you have brought us together today to share in the
fellowship of this sport we love.

Almighty God, we know that you dwell not only in the temples made by
the hand of man but also in the beauty of the fields, the hills and the
valleys around us. Help us to look upon such beauty and know that you
are near.

Bless the horses and the riders gathered here and shield them from all
danger to life and limb. May we who ride and the horses which carry us,
come to the end of the day unhurt so that we may give thanks to you with
grateful hearts.

Bless those over whose land we ride and hunt and grant that no deed or
omission of ours may cause them hurt or trouble.

Bless these hounds. They too are creatures of your creation and you have
entrusted them to us for our use. May the sound of their tongue and the
spirit of their heart give you praise and glory. May they have keen
scent and may they run with swift legs. And may all who hear their
glorious music feel within the depths of their being, your abiding

Heavenly Father, in your love you sanctified all things by your word.
.Grant mercy to us your servants and offer to us, our horses and our
hounds, to all who share in this sport today and throughout the season,
your mercy and the protection of body and soul. In your love, let us
share in the spirit of love for each other, so that the spirit of true
sportsmanship may prevail among us.

And as we go, may the Lord bless us and keep us. May the Lord make His
face to shine upon us and be gracious to us. May the Lord life up His
countenance upon us and give us His peace.
(Rev Paddy Rooney)

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