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Some ‘Private’ buttons

To start the ball rolling I thought I would feature three buttons that have a common theme.  All three were especially commissioned by Masters during their term of office and differ from the established or better-known button.

The first is a Belvoir Hunt button produced at some stage during Lord Forester’s twenty seven years between 1830 and 1857.  Easily confused with a ‘normal’ Belvoir, or a Berkeley, it carries a baron’s coronet.

The second was unidentified until copies of a 19th century Firmin pattern book clearly marked it as being “Cottesmore Hunt.  Non-regulation.  Master only“.  If anyone can tell us to which individual MFH it relates, we’d be delighted.

Thirdly, once thought to be a ‘generic’ or stock pattern button, this button is annotated in another Firmin pattern book as being “Lord Kintore’s.  Wm. Falconer, Master.”  We’re unsure if it was just his personal button, for hunt staff, or used more widely by subscribers.

If BHD subscribers would like me to address a particular issue or theme, please let me know and I will do my best to oblige; and please feel free to ask questions, using the comments box or contact me on firebrand@bailyshuntingdirectory.com


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