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Category: Hunt Buttons

A Few Welsh Wonders

Following on from my recent post on rare Irish buttons, I turn now to Wales and offer a few rarities for your information and (hopefully) interest and enjoyment.  Many of

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Hand-made to order.

At Peterborough last year I fell into conversation about hand-made buttons with fellow collector Neville Hackett.  I had heard of ‘rustic made’ buttons but had none in the collection.  More

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Tomorrow never dies?

The deeper down the rabbit hole of collecting one goes, the more intriguing the subject can become: variations, backmarks, silver presentation sets, buttons with errors, and more can become ‘side

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Hunting the boar.

From the traditions of the Indian Princely States and earlier, the sporting pig-sticking of British India and ‘the Raj’, and hound driven hunting in Europe we have gained a wonderful

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